Download - armv5te

This page lists CPU-optimized builds of Funtoo Linux for armv5te 32-bit ARM Processors. No contents found at URL This subarch supports the ARMv5 architecture with vector extensions, which is compatible with Pogoplug, Dockstar, SheevaPlug, TonidoPlug, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, CuBox, PandaBoard, and TrimSlice.

CPU Information

CFLAGS-O2 -pipe -march=armv5te
CPU_FLAGS (see CPU_FLAGS for more info)(none)


No downloadable stage builds are currently available for this sub-architecture.


Do you want a particular build of Funtoo Linux but do not see it here? Let us know what you need, and we will likely add it for you. Create a bug report requesting the build you need. To see what options there are, see our Intel Core i7 subarch page, which has a lot of builds listed.

Detailed Description