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[edit] Welcome to the Funtoo Wiki!

Welcome to the official wiki for all Funtoo efforts, including Funtoo Linux. Funtoo Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Daniel Robbins and a core team of developers, built around a basic vision of improving the core technologies in Gentoo Linux. It has a history that takes it back to Gentoo and beyond. This site is a point of reference and contribution for the Funtoo community to share Funtoo Linux knowledge. Also see Funtoo on Wikipedia and DistroWatch.

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[edit] Features

Funtoo Linux features native UTF-8 support enabled by default, a git-based, distributed Portage Tree and funtoo overlay, an enhanced Portage with more compact mini-manifest tree, automated imports of new Gentoo changes every 12 hours, GPT/GUID boot support and streamlined boot configuration, enhanced network configuration, up-to-date stable and current Funtoo stages, all built using Funtoo's Metro build tool. We also offer Ubuntu Server, Debian, RHEL and Fedora-based kernels.

Funtoo is currently supported on the following processor families :

  • PC-compatible, both 32 and 64-bit (x86-32bit, x86-64bit)
  • SPARC 64-bit (sparc64)

[edit] Installation

Funtoo Linux Installation will be familiar for Gentoo Linux users - it is quite similar, but it is much easier to install the kernel. Funtoo Linux has its own stage tarballs and Portage Tree that can be downloaded from official Funtoo Linux mirrors. Our Portage Tree is git-based and we use a slightly modified version of Portage 2.2.

[edit] Support

This wiki is personally maintained by Daniel Robbins and the Funtoo Linux Core Team, and contains accurate information about Funtoo Linux. Please consult the Funtoo Linux FAQ for answers to common questions.

[edit] Reporting Bugs

Please follow these guidelines when Reporting Bugs.

[edit] Resources

In addition to this wiki, a number of valuable support resources are available:

Also be sure to check out the main Funtoo Linux page. Learn about the Funtoo Linux Portage Tree and Portage itself - and how to write ebuilds.

We are also available for joining in social networks at:

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