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h1 & h2 tags

using ==subject== makes <h2>subject</h2> tags... h1 is assigned by the page name, so im suggesting the landing page moved from Welcome to "welcome to funtoo linux" and maybe drop 1 funtoo & 1 linux from the page if it counts those to density. ill look for methods of changing h1 with out renaming the page.

description too long

it needs to be 160 characters or less, more than 90:

|description=Funtoo Linux: Inspired by FreeBSD, Daniel Robbins authored Portage in python; CromeOS, Gentoo, & Funtoo's source based rolling release package management.

this is my final answer

Takeing out twitter as linking to car insurance sites with only red dots

This is the outtaken part of the site as it shows only red dots and links by them to an car insurance page

=== Latest Funtoo News from Twitter ===

<div class="tweets">
<feed entries=8 url="">