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|Summary=The standard GNU Bourne-again shell.
|Summary=QSampler is a graphical frontend to the LinuxSampler engine.
This is the ebuild for <tt>bash</tt>, the standard shell for Funtoo Linux systems.
'''Bash''' is the GNU Project's ''Bourne Again SHell'', a complete implementation of the IEEE POSIX and Open Group shell specification with interactive command line editing, job control on architectures that support it, csh-like features such as history substitution and brace expansion, and a slew of other features. [http://tiswww.case.edu/php/chet/bash/bashtop.html]
== Learning Bash ==
The following articles, written originally for IBM developerWorks by Daniel Robbins, serve as an excellent introduction to the bash shell:
* [[Bash by Example, Part 1]]
* [[Bash by Example, Part 2]]
* [[Bash by Example, Part 3]]
== Moving on Command Line ==
{|class="table table-striped"
|| Shortcut || Description
|| <code>Tab</code> || Autocomplete
|| <code>Ctrl + r</code> || Search as you type from lastlog
|| <code>Ctrl + a</code> || Move to the start of line
|| <code>Ctrl + e</code> || Move to the end of line
|| <code>Ctrl + k</code> || Cut from cursor to the end of line
|| <code>Ctrl + w</code> || Cut from cursor to the previous whitespace
|| <code>Ctrl + c</code> || Clear line
|| <code>Ctrl + l</code> || Clear screen
||<code>Alt + f</code> || Move one word forward
|| <code>Alt + b</code> || Move one word backwards
|| <code>Alt + d</code> || Cut from cursor to the end of word
|| <code>Alt + backspace</code> || Cut from cursor to the start of word
== Bash Completion ==
See [[Package:Bash completion|bash completion page]].
== Configuration Files ==
=== ~/.bashrc ===
<code>~/.bashrc</code> gets loaded on bash startup. You can source files, put aliases, functions and export variables there.
{{file|name=~/.bashrc|lang=bash|desc=bash runtime configuration|body=
source /etc/profile.d/bash-completion.sh
export EDITOR="vim"
alias mv='mv -v'
alias cp='cp -v'
alias rm='rm -v'
alias e='emerge'
alias eu='emerge -uavDN --with-bdeps=y @world'
alias used='cat  ~/.bash_history {{!}} sort {{!}} uniq -c {{!}} sort -n'
calculator() {
        echo "$@" {{!}} bc

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Summary: QSampler is a graphical frontend to the LinuxSampler engine.

Use Flags

Enable libgig support for loading Gigasampler files and DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Level 1/2 files



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