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|Geoloc=61.05494119999999, 28.18962590000001
|Location name=Lappeenranta, Finland
== About me ==
I'm 25 years old man living in Finland. I'm interested in computers, Linux and programming. I have been Linux user since 2006. I contribute to open source community by reporting and fixing bugs, developing tools, writing to wiki and being active on forums and mailing lists.
You can contact me at irc causes @ irc.freenode.net
== Links ==
My website: http://causes.host.funtoo.org/<br />
My overlay: https://github.com/causes-/causelay<br />
Wiki contributions: http://www.funtoo.org/Special:Contributions/Causes
== My tool selection ==
Window manager: dwm-git, dmenu-git, dwm-6.1-cfacts.patch, dwm-6.1-pertag.patch, dwm-6.1-shiftview.patch
Terminal: st-git, tmux, bash
Editor: vim
Image viewer: sxiv
Web browser: firefox
Music player: mpd, ncmpcpp
Video player: mpv
Document viewer: evince
Office: libreoffice
Irc: irssi
bittorrent: transmission
Cron: scron-git
Syslog: syslog-ng
Device manager: smdev
Networking: wpa_supplicant, iproute2, dhcpcd
Bootloader: EFI stub

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