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ws:Pre-built kernels!|Pre-built kernels!]]

Funtoo stage3's are now starting to offer pre-built kernels for ease of install. read more....
12 May 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]

ws:Better Experiences: Ego and Vim|Better Experiences: Ego and Vim]]

Info on Funtoo's new personality tool called 'ego', and user-focused updates to vim's defaults.
27 April 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]

ws:How We're Keeping You At the Center of the Funtoo Universe|How We're Keeping You At the Center of the Funtoo Universe]]

Read about recent developments that keep you, our users, at the forefront of our focus as Funtoo moves forward.
10 April 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]

ws:New OpenGL management in Funtoo|New OpenGL management in Funtoo]]

Funtoo is switching to an improved system for managing multiple OpenGL providers (Mesa/Xorg, AMD and NVIDIA). The update may involve blockers and file collisions.
30 March 2015 by er:Mgorny|Mgorny]]

ws:RSS/Atom Support|RSS/Atom Support]]

You can now follow this news feed at .
10 February 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]

ws:Creating a Friendly Funtoo Culture|Creating a Friendly Funtoo Culture]]

This news item details some recent steps that have been taken to help ensure that Funtoo is a friendly and welcoming place for our users.
2 February 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]


CPU_FLAGS_X86 are being introduced to group together USE flags managing CPU instruction sets.
31 January 2015 by er:Mgorny|Mgorny]]

ws:Newsletter, Volume 1|Newsletter, Volume 1]]

Discussed: ati-drivers, GitHub integration, Funtoo on ARM, GNOME updates, Organizations, and two new devs.
27 January 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]

ws:New Media Mix-ins|New Media Mix-ins]]

Funtoo Linux now has new media mix-ins. Learn about them and how to use them.
11 January 2015 by er:Drobbins|Drobbins]]
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foobar (python source code) - foobarosity
import system
/etc/foo.conf - My foo.conf file
# /etc/host.conf:
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/src/patchsets/glibc/extra/etc/host.conf,v 1.1 2006/09/29 23:52:23 vapier Exp $

# The  file /etc/host.conf contains configuration information specific to
# the resolver library.  It should contain one configuration keyword  per
# line,  followed by appropriate configuration information.  The keywords
# recognized are order, trim, mdns, multi, nospoof, spoof, and reorder.

# This keyword specifies how host lookups are to be performed. It
# should be followed by one or more lookup methods, separated by
# commas.  Valid methods are bind, hosts, and nis.
order hosts, bind

# Valid  values are on and off.  If set to on, the resolv+ library
# will return all valid addresses for a host that appears  in  the
# /etc/hosts  file,  instead  of  only  the first.  This is off by
# default, as it may cause a substantial performance loss at sites
# with large hosts files.
multi on