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This is a template that is used as part of the Installation instructions which covers: начальный обзор процесса установки, включая скачивние LiveCD и инструкцию по загрузке.. Templates are being used to allow multiple variant install guides that use most of the same re-usable parts.

Обзор Установки

Общий обзор по установке Funtoo:

  1. Скачивание и загрузка живого диска.
  2. Подготовка диска.
  3. Создание и монтирование файловых систем.
  4. Установка архива Funtoo stage по Вашему выбору.
  5. Изменение корневого каталога в новую систему.
  6. Скачивние дерева Portage.
  7. Настройка вашей системы и сети.
  8. Установка ядра.
  9. Установка загрузчика.
  10. Заключительные шаги.
  11. Перегрузка системы.

Live CD

Funtoo не предоставляет оффициального загрузочного диска Funtoo Live CD. Мы рекомендуем основанный на Gentoo- System Rescue CD. Он содержит множество полезных программ и утилит и поддерживает 32-битные и 64-битные системы соответственно. Скачайте диск по следующей ссылке:


Если Вы используете старую версию System Rescue CD, убедитесь, что Вы выбрали rescue64 ядро в меню загрузки, если Вы устанавливаете 64-битную систему. По-умолчанию, System Rescue CD ранее загружался в 32-битном режиме, хотя последние версии пытаются автоматически распознать 64-битные процессоры.

Network Access

Once you have booted System Rescue CD, see if you have Internet access. Internet access is required for installing Funtoo Linux:

# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=30.1 ms

If the ping is successful (you see 64 bytes messages as above,) then your Network is set up. Hit Control-C to stop the ping.

If you need to set up a WiFi connection for Internet access, then this needs to be done using the System Rescue CD graphical environment. Run startx to start a graphical session:

# startx

Then, use the NetworkManager applet (icon in lower right) to connect to a WiFi network of your choice. Next, open a terminal inside your graphical environment, and you should be able to use the terminal to complete the rest of the steps.

Remote Install

Alternatively, you can log into System Rescue CD over the network via SSH to perform the install from another computer, and this may be more convenient way to install Funtoo Linux.

If you'd like to complete the install remotely, here's how. First, you will need to ensure that System Rescue CD has a functioning network connection. Then, you will need to set a root password for System Rescue CD:

# passwd
New password: ********
Retype new password: ********
passwd: password updated successfully

Once you have typed in a password, you will now need to determine the IP address of System Rescue CD, and then you can use ssh to connect to it. To determine the IP address currently being used by System Rescue CD, type ifconfig:

# ifconfig

One of the interfaces should have an IP address (listed as inet addr:) from your LAN. You can then connect remotely, from another system on your LAN, to System Rescue CD, and perform steps from the comfort of an existing OS. On your remote system, type the following, replacing with the IP address of System Rescue CD. Connecting from an existing Linux or MacOS system would look something like this:

(remote system) $ ssh root@
Password: **********

If you'd like to connect remotely from an existing Microsoft Windows system, you'll need to download an SSH client for Windows, such as PuTTY.

After you've logged in via SSH, you're now connected remotely to System Rescue CD and can perform the installation steps.