Core Team Lead

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The Core Team Lead (effectively the day-to-day leader of the project) is now a rotating position, with 3-month to 6-month terms, and all Core Team members are expected to serve in this capacity at some point (dates are flexible.) The acting Core Team Lead will have the opportunity and responsibility to provide leadership for the project, and help the project pursue initiatives that he/she finds personally interesting or is passionate about and are in line with the general goals of the project.

The Core Team Lead will also coordinate closely with Daniel Robbins regarding project direction and BDFL initiatives, and keep in close communication with the rest of the Core Team. The other Core Team members are responsible to assist the Core Team Lead in pursuing these initiatives, just as the Core Team Lead is responsible to support Core Team members in their day-to-day development and support activities. The Core Team Lead will also be engaged with end users and be responsible for leading the effort in fixing build breaks and other critical bugs, along with Daniel Robbins and with the support of the Core Team. A key aspect of the Core Team Lead position is to ensure that coordination, communication and execution of important tasks are happening in an effective way, throughout the entire Funtoo Community (Users, Contributors, Core Team and BDFL.)

The Core Team Lead position is designed to share the opportunity and responsibility of running the project fairly, among all team members, and it is a great opportunity for Core Team members to grow in their skills and abilities.