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Lars Kriesten


freenode: lkr

Raunheim, Germany (50.0104109, 8.4529176999999The type of this property is invalid)


About me

18 Years old Linux Fanatic here. Started playing around with Ubuntu 6.10 (2006) on my first computer. Switched to Arch Linux in 2009 and to Gentoo 2 years Later. Yet i moved all my devices to Funtoo Linux cuz its awesome.

Linux related

favorite DE XFCE + KWin
favorite Editor VIM


Desktop A self-built PC with an Intel Core-i5 3450, Nvidia GeForce 760 GTX, Asus Xonar Essence STX, AsRock Z77 Pro4 inside of a NZXT H440 Case.
Notebook My good old Dell Latitude D420 Laptop.