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Lars Kriesten


freenode: lkr


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Raunheim, Germany (50° 0' 37", 8° 27' 11")


About me

18 Years old Linux Fanatic here. Started playing around with Ubuntu 6.10 (2006) on my first computer. Switched to Arch Linux in 2009 and to Gentoo 2 years Later. Yet i moved all my devices to Funtoo Linux cuz its awesome.

Linux related

favorite DE XFCE + KWin
favorite editor VIM

my setup

Desktop A self-built PC with an Intel Core-i5 3450, Nvidia GeForce 760 GTX, Asus Xonar Essence STX, AsRock Z77 Pro4 inside of a NZXT H440 Case.
Notebook My good old Dell Latitude D420 Laptop.