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Brownrice Internet +We provide data center services for Funtoo servers and Funtoo clients: Colocation and Dedicated Cloud servers.  +


Funtoo Technologies +Funtoo Technologies provides OpenVZ containers to supporters of Funtoo Linux. See [[Funtoo Hosting]] for more information.  +


Gentoo Foundation +The Gentoo Foundation provides no Funtoo-specific services, but does provide all critical infrastructure for Gentoo Linux. Funtoo Linux incorporates Gentoo Linux developments into the Funtoo Linux Portage tree.  +


Marketing Factory Consulting Gmbh +Most of our servers (~100) are running Funtoo Linux. We don't offer direct services related to Funtoo Linux, but when we are hosting your website or project it will run on a Funtoo Linux server.  +


Squire Labs +No service directly, but our hosting infrastructure runs on funtoo.  +


Área31 Hackerspace +Services using Funtoo servers, and ARM devices running Funtoo, like a raspberry pi, cubieboard, cubietruck, etc.  +