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Aramis qc (talk) 13:59, 20 February 2014 (UTC)


As suggested by Duncan Britton here is wiki page about a request for supporting foreign languages.


Back into 2004 a group of people living in Quebec City started Gentoo-Québec. Those guys published a lot of documentation about Gentoo. Documents were in French and created with Latex. Some years later, let's say around 2009, they were converted to MediaWiki. A new group was created in 2010. It was Funtoo-Québec and a new French wiki was born. Now in 2014 it turns to be more and more difficult to maintain its accuracy. People have less free time. That is why this issue is a request for supporting foreign languages in official wiki. That could be done like Gentoo wiki does. When a version of a page is available in a foreign language, a link is active in the header. Example :

  • /Funtoo_Linux_Installation (original English wiki)
  • /Funtoo_Linux_Installation/fr (French version)
  • /Funtoo_Linux_Installation/de (German version)

...and so on...


Thus it could be easier to provide documentation in different languages.Members only have to translate in their language and the administrator adds the foreign version when ready.


Improve the Funtoo wiki by adding support for foreign languages.