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== Introduction ==
==== What is Dbus? ====
"D-BUS is an interprocess communication (IPC) system, providing a simple yet powerful mechanism allowing applications to talk to one another, communicate information and request services. D-BUS was designed from scratch to fulfill the needs of a modern Linux system. D-BUS' initial goal is to be a replacement for CORBA and DCOP, the remote object systems used in GNOME and KDE, respectively. Ideally, D-BUS can become a unified and agnostic IPC mechanism used by both desktops, satisfying their needs and ushering in new features." ([http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7744 Article on Dbus])
== Installing Dbus ==
==== Emerging ====
To emerge {{Package|sys-apps/dbus}}, run the following command:
###i## emerge dbus
and to start dbus, use following:
###i## rc-update add dbus default
* service dbus added to runlevel default
###i## rc
* Starting dbus ...

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