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== Badabing ==
== Badabing ==
{{#ask: [[Category:Person]]
{{#ask: [[Category:People]]
| limit=20
| limit=20
| order=random
| order=random

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Testing error on Show

  • Daniel Robbins

Adding some text

Testing External Data

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Daniel Robbins:drobbins:bdfl

foobar (python source code) - foobarosity
import system
/etc/foo.conf - My foo.conf file
# /etc/host.conf:
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/src/patchsets/glibc/extra/etc/host.conf,v 1.1 2006/09/29 23:52:23 vapier Exp $

# The  file /etc/host.conf contains configuration information specific to
# the resolver library.  It should contain one configuration keyword  per
# line,  followed by appropriate configuration information.  The keywords
# recognized are order, trim, mdns, multi, nospoof, spoof, and reorder.

# This keyword specifies how host lookups are to be performed. It
# should be followed by one or more lookup methods, separated by
# commas.  Valid methods are bind, hosts, and nis.
order hosts, bind

# Valid  values are on and off.  If set to on, the resolv+ library
# will return all valid addresses for a host that appears  in  the
# /etc/hosts  file,  instead  of  only  the first.  This is off by
# default, as it may cause a substantial performance loss at sites
# with large hosts files.
multi on