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Make.conf is the Portage's main configuration file, because it contains many variables that define how a package will installed in a Gentoo's/Funtoo's system. An example of a make.conf :

CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=native"
MAKEOPTS="--quiet -j3" 
LINGUAS="en es"
BAD=" -hal -oss -qt3"
BROWSER="firefox xulrunner"
CODECS="a52 aalib acc acl ffmpeg gsm lame matroska mjpeg mp3 mp4 ogg openal stream x264 xvid v4l   v4l2 win32codecs xine"
COM="bluetooth irc msn usb"
DESKTOP="iconv java kde libnotify zeroconf"
FILESYS="7Zip bzip2 fat lzma lzo ntfs pdf rar zip zlib"
GRAPHICS="jpeg gif png svg tiff"
MEDIA="alsa css dri dvb dvd dvdr dvi fame mmx mng pulseaudio sdl sox"
PRINT="cups foomatic-db freetype xml"
SYSTEM="acl acpi bash-completion consolekit cjk css cxx dbus extras gcj gnutls kerberos mysql ncurses nptl portage sql udev unicode xcb webkit" 
XSYS="additions cairo embedded multilib opengl qt3support qt4 toolbar X xorg"
INPUT_DEVICES="evdev mouse keyboard"
ACCEPT_LICENSE="PUEL sun-jdk-1.1 dlj-1.1"