Funtoo Authentication FAQ

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Why funtoo-auth?
Funtoo-auth, the Funtoo authentication system, currently in beta, allows a single username and password to be used for wiki, bug tracker and forums.
How do I create an account for wiki, bugs and forums?
Go to to create an account that can be used across all sites.
Can I use an underscore in my username?
Right now, if you create an account with an underscore, there is a bug where you will not be able to log in. So don't do it right now :)
Are usernames case-sensitive?
Your username will be stored in lower-case, and you should use lower-case when logging in if mixed-case doesn't work.
Where is my avatar coming from?
The forums, bugs and wiki use Gravatar to retrieve your avatar. Head over to to set up an avatar. The avatars on the forum will default to Gravatar, but will also allow you to upload a custom avatar.
I had an old wiki account -- will it still work?
When the new wiki (with the new look) was deployed, old user accounts were not migrated. You will need to create a new account.
I have an old account, and it still works. How should I proceed?
Create a new Funtoo account with the same username as your existing account. Then start using your new account to log in to JIRA. JIRA will recognize that you are the same user.
How do I reset my password?
One of the missing pieces in the Funtoo authentication infrastructure is an automatic way to reset your password. This will be added soon. For now, contact drobbins at funtoo dot org via email, or drobbins on #funtoo IRC (freenode) to reset your password.
What about SSL?
I plan to add SSL for as well as bug tracker, wiki and forums in the relatively near future.