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corei7 (Sub-architecture)


This page describes a sub-architecture for Funtoo Linux, which is a particular set of optimizations that is used for a Funtoo Linux build.

CPU Family64-Bit Intel Processors
CFLAGS-march=corei7 -O2 -pipe
USEmmx sse sse2 sse3 ssse3 sse4
SummaryThe corei7 subarch supports the Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy_Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswel microarchitecture-based Intel Pentium/Celeron, Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon Processors.

Beginning in November 2008, Intel launched the first Core i7 processor, codenamed Bloomfield, based on the Nehalem microarchitecture. With this launch, they also added to and modified the conventions used in their Intel Core branding scheme. (Not to be confused with the Intel Core microarchitecture. See core2_64.). This new naming scheme distinguishes between grades of processors rather than microarchitectures or design. Therefore, the corei7 subarch supports the Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell microarchitectures under the following brand names:

  • Intel Pentium/Celeron (low-level consumer)
  • Intel Core i3 (entry-level consumer)
  • Intel Core i5 (mainstream consumer)
  • Intel Core i7 (high-end consumer/business)
  • Intel Xeon (business server/workstation)

See the following links for a list of supported Celeron, Pentium, Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, and Haswell processors.