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Current Maintainer(s):Oleg Vinichenko
Source Repository:Funtoo Overlay

Summary: Video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2.


mpv is a fork of mplayer2, to learn more about the differences take a look at their docs. Currently there is only mpv version 0.6.1 availabe in Funtoo


Read the mpv wiki to understand ffmpeg vs libav especially in regard to mpv. If you are interested you might even read the article The FFmpeg/Libav situation


#  emerge media-video/mpv

General configuration

mpv does not come with a graphical user interface (beside the video display). All settings are placed in a config file, a short example is provided below:

# Save the video position on quit

# Use the vdpau driver for hardware decoding (for nvidia cards)

# Video output driver. A list can be displayed via: mpv -vo=help

The config file is completely optional, but mpv is highly customizable. It is suggested that you take a look at the man page:

#  man mpv

Input configuration

You may create a separate file called input.conf for customizing the shortcuts for mpv. The example below binds the key "n" to skip to the next video in the current playlist and the key "p" to skip to the previous video:

n playlist_next
p playlist_prev

The man page provides information about all possible bindings.