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Source Repository:Repository:Gentoo Portage Tree

Summary: Clam Anti-Virus Scanner

Use Flags

A Top like tool which shows what clamd is currently scanning amongst other things
Enables collection of file property metadata using ClamAV API for analysis by ClamAV bytecode programs.



Project Unfork Status

Here's an update on Project Unfork, plus other neat things.
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IP Space Migration Continues

All Funtoo user containers in the 8.28 IP space will be moving into our new IP space (172.97) over the next few days. If you have DNS set up -- be sure to watch your container and update to the new IP! DNS will be updated after the move.
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Funtoo Hosting IP Move

Funtoo user containers with IPs in the 72.18.x.x range will be gradually migrating to new IP addresses this week. If you have DNS entries for your containers, please be aware that your DNS will need to be updated.
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Clamav is an open source antivirus solution.


# emerge app-antivirus/clamav
Virus definitions need to be installed before starting the clamd service

# freshclam


Configuration files are located at /etc/conf.d/clamd, /etc/clamd.conf, and /etc/freshclam.conf


# rc-update add clamd default
# rc


To make sure things are installed correctly, users have the option to run against the the EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File:

# wget -O-


To scan single files:

# clamscan /usr/bin/portageq
To scan a directory:

# clamscan -ir /var/www/localhost/htdocs/
----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 3736482
Engine version: 0.98.6
Scanned directories: 663
Scanned files: 6067
Infected files: 0
Total errors: 8
Data scanned: 58.61 MB
Data read: 36.59 MB (ratio 1.60:1)
Time: 42.691 sec (0 m 42 s)

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