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{{Event Calendar Item
|event=Start of Funtoo Events Calendar
|Full name=Mike Johnson
|Geoloc=34.8957957, -117.0172826
|Location name=Barstow, CA United States of America
|Role type=User
|Role desc=Funtoo Wiki User
|Start date=12/04/2012
This site is a WIP for events the Funtoo Community is invited to join and get a meet and greet with devs and other entusiast of Funtoo Linux. :)
{{#ask:[[Has event::+]][[Has event start::+]]
|?Has event=title
|?Has event start
|?Has event end
|?Has event description=Description
|?Has event icon=icon
|?Has event color=color
|?Has event location       
{{#formlink:popup|form=Event Calendar Item|link text=Create event|link type=button}}

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