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|Summary=APC UPS daemon with integrated network-based remote shutdown
|Summary=A fast and secure drop-in replacement for sendmail.
|Repository=Gentoo Portage Tree
"Apcupsd can be used for power mangement and controlling most of APC's UPS models on Unix and Windows machines. Apcupsd works with most of APC's Smart-UPS models as well as most simple signalling models such a Back-UPS, and BackUPS-Office. During a power failure, apcupsd will inform the users about the power failure and that a shutdown may occur. If power is not restored, a system shutdown will follow when the battery is exhausted, a timeout (seconds) expires, or runtime expires based on internal APC calculations determined by power consumption rates. Apcupsd is licensed under the GPL version 2." [http://www.apcupsd.org/]
=== Emerging ===
Emerge {{Package|sys-power/acpupsd}}:
###i## emerge apcupsd
==Configuration and Runlevel Registration==
Edit your <tt>/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf</tt> properly.
To start <tt>apcupsd</tt>, run the following:
###i## /etc/init.d/apcupsd start
To add <tt>apcupsd</tt> to the appropriate runlevels, execute the following commands:
###i## rc-update add apcupsd default
* service apcupsd added to runlevel default
###i## rc-update add apcupsd.powerfail shutdown
* service apcupsd added to runlevel shutdown
==Check UPS status==
Finally, to check on the status of <tt>acpupsd</tt>, run the following:
###i## apcaccess status
###i## tail -f /var/log/apcupsd.events
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Summary: A fast and secure drop-in replacement for sendmail.



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