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Napa, California, United State of America

I started using Linux about 8 years ago or so. The first Linux distribution I used was Fedora. After that I flip-flopped between that and Windows, admittedly I used Windows a lot more. About a year or so later, a friend of mine had gotten me into Sabayon Linux, on Sabayon 5, and I used that for a while then decided to try Gentoo. I have since then tried many different distros but settled on Gentoo for the better part of it all. I then heard about Funtoo through a friend on #sabayon, and went between Gentoo and Funtoo for a while. Now here we are, using Funtoo for the better part of two years, and I can't imagine using something else.

I aim more for the desktop side of Linux, though I do maintain two servers, one running Gentoo the other running Funtoo. I like to think I am pretty good at what I do with Linux, but I could be wrong :P