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Summary: Standard Linux networking tools

Use Flags

use old ifconfig output style (useful for when new output breaks scripts)



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blah blah blah initial commit stuff about hostname & dns stuff here in a second.... 2nd commit blah blah blah moar moar moar (im posting this for hostname information which has not been externalized by another package as far as i know)

net-tools is the old networking tools package that is being deprecated by Iproute2

* Contents of sys-apps/net-tools-1.60_p20141019041918:

/bin/dnsdomainname -> hostname /bin/domainname -> hostname /bin/hostname /bin/ifconfig /bin/netstat /bin/nisdomainname -> hostname /bin/route /bin/ypdomainname -> hostname /sbin/arp /sbin/ifconfig -> /bin/ifconfig /sbin/ipmaddr /sbin/iptunnel /sbin/mii-tool /sbin/nameif /sbin/plipconfig /sbin/rarp /sbin/slattach