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Summary: Standard Linux networking tools

Use Flags

use old ifconfig output style (useful for when new output breaks scripts)



Newsletter, Volume 1

Discussed: ati-drivers, GitHub integration, Funtoo on ARM, GNOME updates, Organizations, and two new devs.
27 January 2015 by Drobbins

New Media Mix-ins

Funtoo Linux now has new media mix-ins. Learn about them and how to use them.
11 January 2015 by Drobbins

The Many Builds of Funtoo Linux

We now have lots of different builds of Funtoo Linux for various CPUs, as well as Hardened, Stable and ARM, and a new UI to browse them. Learn more here.
25 December 2014 by Drobbins
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blah blah blah initial commit stuff about hostname & dns stuff here in a second.... 2nd commit blah blah blah moar moar moar (im posting this for hostname information which has not been externalized by another package as far as i know)

net-tools is the old networking tools package that is being deprecated by Iproute2

* Contents of sys-apps/net-tools-1.60_p20141019041918:

/bin/dnsdomainname -> hostname /bin/domainname -> hostname /bin/hostname /bin/ifconfig /bin/netstat /bin/nisdomainname -> hostname /bin/route /bin/ypdomainname -> hostname /sbin/arp /sbin/ifconfig -> /bin/ifconfig /sbin/ipmaddr /sbin/iptunnel /sbin/mii-tool /sbin/nameif /sbin/plipconfig /sbin/rarp /sbin/slattach