JACK Audio Connection Kit

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Source Repository:Repository:Gentoo Portage Tree


Summary: A sophisticated audio routing and mixing application.

Use Flags

Build the CoreAudio driver on Mac OS X systems
Enables runtime cpudetection
Add basic realime configuration via sys-auth/realtime-base



Keychain 2.8.2 Released

Keychain 2.8.2, a maintenance and bug fix release, is now available.
2015-11-16 by Drobbins

Unfork Tree is Live!

The "unfork" tree is now merged into the main Funtoo Linux tree, and Funtoo Linux is now using shards for core packages, x11 (including media libraries), KDE, GNOME, python and perl.
2015-10-12 by Drobbins

OpenSSH 7 Disables DSA Keys By Default

Please be aware of this important change to avoid getting locked out of your Funtoo server.
2015-10-07 by Drobbins

JACK Audio Connection Kit


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JACK is an acronym for Jack Audio Connection Kit. It is a low latency audio server mainly utilized by pro audio software.

For users that require low latency when running JACK, see the following kernel configuration guide.