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Source Repository:Funtoo Overlay

Summary: Video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2.


mpv is a fork of mplayer2, to learn more about the differences take a look at their docs.

Currently there is only mpv version 0.3.11 availabe in Funtoo, higher versions have been masked because they require a masked version of libav.


Read the mpv wiki to unstand ffmpeg vs libav especially in regard to mpv. If you are interested you might even read the article The FFmpeg/Libav situation

However if you use media-video/ffmpeg you can safely unmask it for virtual/ffmpeg


To learn more about unmasking packages, and making sure you really want to do this, take a look at the article on the Gentoo wiki.

# emerge --ask --autounmask-write =media-video/mpv-0.4.2
# dispatch-conf
# emerge --ask =media-video/mpv-0.4.2