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This page expains how to setup and configue PPPoE connection with rp-pppoe and Funtoo Linux network.

Kernel options

Make sure following kernel options are enabled


Next, we configure and install net-dialup/rp-pppoe (package not on wiki - please add):

# emerge rp-pppoe
# pppoe-setup

Configuration is straightforward, setup username, password and ethernet interface to use, in our example it is eth2.

Funtoo Linux network setup

Funtoo openrc does not provide default template for ppp connections. We will create a custom template.

# cd /etc/netif.d/

Create interface-pppoe


Now we will create a eth2 interface as follows:

# cd /etc/init.d
# ln -s netif.tmpl netif.eth2

Then create an /etc/conf.d/netif.eth2 configuration file that would specify a pppoe template in /etc/netif.d directory:


To complete configuration add an interface to default runlevel:

 # rc-update add netif.eth2 default