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The Funtoo Linux wiki has wiki pages for ebuilds in the Portage tree. Our ambitious, long-term goal is to create a wiki page for each notable ebuild in Funtoo Linux. You can assist with this process -- see Adding an Ebuild to the Wiki for more information.

Recently Modified Ebuild Pages

Layman, Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE), Java SE Development Kit (JDK), Tengine, Minitube, Wgetpaste, Pass, Drbd, Tmux, Blender, Dovecot, Sudo, Chrony, Ntp, KDE (metapackage), AMD Catalyst Video Drivers, NVIDIA Linux Display Drivers, Irssi, Ghost (Blogging Platform), Eselect (OpenGL), Macchanger, Rsync, MediaWiki, Synaptics, Dwm, Boot-Update, Portage (Funtoo), Boot-Update/pt-br, Unetbootin, Postfix, Net-tools, Sublime Text Editor, Nginx, Ethtool, Dirvish Backup, Iproute2, Varnish, Chromium, Mosh, Whenjobs, OpenSSH, Apache-tools, VirtualBox, PAM base, Bitwig Studio, Audacious Music Player, Ruby, PHP, Apache, MariaDB, Radeon Video Drivers, Hydrogen, Piwik, JACK Audio Connection Kit, Nouveau Video Drivers (Open Source), NetworkManager, Lanmap, Compton, Feh, Wordpress, Spectrwm, Drupal, Mpv, Vanilla Sources, Lua, Mono, Bash, Perl, Qtcore, Git, OpenRC, Bash completion, MySQL, Gentoolkit, Eix, Lightdm, XDM (Display Manager), ACPI Daemon, Pianobar, Warsow, WPA Supplicant, Smdev, Quodlibet, Ncmpcpp, Mpd, Qtractor, Linuxsampler, Qsampler, Qjackctl, Gnupg, Keychain, Vifm, Sshfs-fuse, Mantisbt, Dash, Baselayout, Eselect (Jython), SACD-Extract, GDM, Slim

All Ebuild Pages

There are thousands of packages that are part of Funtoo Linux. Below, you can browse all the ebuilds that are documented on the wiki.