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== Introduction ==
KVM is a hardware-accelerated full-machine hypervisor and virtualization solution included as part of kernel 2.6.20 and later. It allows you to create and start hardware-accelerated virtual machines under Linux using the QEMU tools.
== Kernel Setup ==
To enable KVM, the following kernel config parameters should be enabled (this is based on a 3.x kernel):
Under <tt>Processor type and features</tt>, enable <tt>Linux guest support</tt>, and enable the following options:
{{kernelop|title=Processor type and features,Linux guest support|desc=
--- Linux guest support
[*]  Enable paravirtualization code
[ ]    paravirt-ops debugging (NEW)
[*]    Paravirtualization layer for spinlocks
[ ]    Xen guest support (NEW)
[*]  KVM Guest support (including kvmclock) (NEW)
[ ]    Enable debug information for KVM Guests in debugfs (NEW)
[ ]  Paravirtual steal time accounting (NEW)
Under the <tt>Virtualization</tt> category from the main kernel config menu, enable <tt>Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support</tt>, and enable at least one type of KVM, either for Intel or AMD processors. It is also recommended to enable <tt>Host kernel acceleration for virtio net</tt>.
--- Virtualization
<M>  Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) support
<M>    KVM for Intel processors support
<M>    KVM for AMD processors support
[*]    KVM legacy PCI device assignment support
<M>  Host kernel accelerator for virtio net
You can use modules or build these parts directly into the kernel. Build your new kernel and modules, and reboot.
== User-space tools ==
If you are using QEMU on your desktop, add the following USE flag to <tt>/etc/portage/make.conf</tt>:
USE="$USE usbredir"
This will enable good mouse support for QEMU on your desktop.
Now, emerge qemu:
# ##i## emerge qemu
==Initial Setup==
Prior to using KVM, modprobe the appropriate accelerated driver for Intel or AMD:
# ##i##modprobe kvm_intel

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