Reporting Bugs

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The Funtoo community's goal is to provide a seamless and problem-free computing experience, and we take all bugs seriously. Please use the following resources for reporting bugs, technical support, and troubleshooting assistance:


Our IRC channels are available for informal, real-time technical support and troubleshooting. Please use Funtoo channels rather than Gentoo channels for Funtoo Linux support.

Support Forums

The following Web-based discussion resources are specifically created for community-based support and troubleshooting, and are monitored by the Funtoo Linux core team.

Bug tracker

We are using JIRA for tracking Funtoo Linux issues. See to access the bug tracker.

For information on how to properly use the bug tracker, see below.

How To Report Bugs

  1. Create a JIRA account at
  2. Go to Issues -> Create Issue
  3. Set Issue Type to "Bug".
  4. For Summary, enter a clear description of the defect.
  5. For Description, enter:
    1. a clear, detailed description of the problem
    2. clear steps to reproduce the problem
    3. output of the failure
    4. a description of what you expected to happen instead of the failure

When your issue is created, it will have a short name such as FL-17 that can be used to reference it.

Each issue is intended to track a specific defect in Funtoo Linux. Please respect the focus of each individual issue. Use the mailing lists and forums for general discussion.

Bug Status

When bugs are first reported, they are marked as Awaiting Review. This means that they are waiting to be reviewed by Daniel Robbins and the Funtoo Linux Core Team. Once reviewed and possibly revised somewhat, they will be moved into Queued status. This means that the bug has been accepted and is in queue to being fixed. When a developer starts working on the bug, it will move to In Progress status. This means that the bug is being actively worked on. When the bug is resolved, it will move to Test/Integration status, which means that it will now be tested and fully integrated into Funtoo Linux. When it has been fully integrated into Funtoo Linux, it will be marked as Closed, and the resolution will be set appropriately.

There are a few other statuses that are used. Upstream Review is used when a bug is submitted to an upstream project and is awaiting review or feedback. This status should not be used as a permanent resolution for a bug; it is just a temporary status. There is also a Community Discussion status. This status is used when we are actively requesting community feedback. In general, we want to use JIRA as a way to have a very focused discussion about a specific bug, so we don't want the bug comments to be used like forums posts as a type of general discussion. The Community Discussion status is used to allow a bit more open discussion (within reason) for a period of time when necessary.

Fixing Bugs

If patching a file resolves your bug, please generate patches and submit them to the bug tracker.

patch generation syntax

# diff -u file.bad file.good > file.patch

When developers fix bugs, they can reference the issue(s) being fixed in the git commit message, by saying something like "This fixes FL-22". The funtoo-overlay and flora repositories are integrated with JIRA, so you will be able to see links to these commits by going to the Commits tab for the issue.

funtoo-dev Mailing List

The funtoo-dev mailing list should be used for reporting vetted bugs or issues that have not been resolved on IRC or the support forums. We request that you do not use the mailing list for general troubleshooting or technical support, but instead try to use IRC or the support forums first, and then escalate to the funtoo-dev mailing list if your problem is unresolved within a reasonable time frame.

Upstream Bug Reporting

Sometimes, it may be necessary to report bugs upstream, particularly to Gentoo's Bugzilla. You should be aware that Gentoo Linux has a habit of marking reported bugs as INVALID simply because you are running Funtoo Linux, even if they are clearly related to ebuilds that have originated from Gentoo Linux. While we find this policy to be questionable and unfortunate, it does mean that reporting bugs to Gentoo's Bugzilla must be handled with great care. Please follow these steps:

  • Try to get your bug resolved through the Funtoo Linux community resources and funtoo-dev mailing list first.
  • If you feel it is necessary to file a bug with Gentoo, please inform the Funtoo core team that you are doing so, indicate that you are using Funtoo Linux in the bug report, also mention the troubleshooting steps you have performed so far (on Funtoo infrastructure), and add to the CC field on your bug report so that I can personally track the status of these bug reports and get involved as necessary.