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Ari Malinen


freenode: defer-


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Vantaa, Finland (60° 14' 37", 25° 6' 21")

About me

My first computer was IBM PC with Pentium MMX. I tried gentoo for the first time around 2006. I have been registered to forums since 2007. Nowadays i have migrated to funtoo linux. Funtoo is improved branch of gentoo. I migrated because its easier to contribute to funtoo and the base system is improved. My current hardware is thinkpad R500. I bought it in 2009 bundled with freedos. I use my system mostly for web browsing, chatting, programming and music composing. I try to contribute to FOSS community by reporting and fixing bugs, developing tools, writing articles and being active on irc, forums and mailing lists.


My wiki contributions: Special:Contributions/Defer
Github: https://github.com/defer-