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|Summary=Chinese PinYin IMEngine for IBus Framework
|Summary=The Table Engine for IBus Framework
|Repository=Funtoo Overlay
|Repository=Funtoo Overlay

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Summary: The Table Engine for IBus Framework



Keychain 2.8.2 Released

Keychain 2.8.2, a maintenance and bug fix release, is now available.
2015-11-16 by Drobbins

Unfork Tree is Live!

The "unfork" tree is now merged into the main Funtoo Linux tree, and Funtoo Linux is now using shards for core packages, x11 (including media libraries), KDE, GNOME, python and perl.
2015-10-12 by Drobbins

OpenSSH 7 Disables DSA Keys By Default

Please be aware of this important change to avoid getting locked out of your Funtoo server.
2015-10-07 by Drobbins

IBus Table


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