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Welcome to Funtoo Linux! Funtoo Linux is a Linux-based operating system that is a variant of Gentoo Linux. Funtoo Linux is:

  • ...fun! Our priority is to create a great, supportive and responsive user community.
  • ...user-centric. Everyone is considered a user of Funtoo, first and foremost. You don't need any special privileges to collaborate with us.
  • ...production-oriented: Our goal is to have Funtoo be useful for real-world tasks. We use Funtoo to do stuff, like host our infrastructure. It needs to work.


How Do I Get An Account For Wiki/Bugs?

Funtoo is currently beta-testing a new centralized login infrastructure. You can create a new account by heading to our beta funtoo account creation page. A new account will work on the wiki, bug tracker and forums. See Funtoo Authentication FAQ for more information.

Funtoo Containers

Funtoo currently offers discount Funtoo Linux virtual server containers to supporters:

  • $10/mo : 3GB RAM, 4 CPU threads, 50GB disk
  • $15/mo : 6GB RAM, 8 CPU threads, 100GB disk
  • $30/mo : 12GB RAM, 12 CPU threads, 200GB disk
  • $45/mo : 48GB RAM, 24 CPU threads, 300GB disk

Each container gives you root access to your own Funtoo Linux server, uses fast SSD storage, includes one static IPv4 address as well as IRC and email support. To sign up, first set up a regular monthly support payment, below. Then email me (drobbins at funtoo.org) with your desired hostname (something.host.funtoo.org) and an SSH public key that you will use to log in to the container. Get more details on the Funtoo Hosting page.

Support Our Work

We encourage all Funtoo Linux users to support our project via a comfortable recurring monthly support payment. Support at levels $10/mo and above grant you the ability to utilize Funtoo Containers. Subscribe by selecting a monthly amount below, and this click Subscribe:

Monthly Recurring Support via Credit Card

Monthly Recurring Support via PayPal

Monthly Support