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|Summary=KDE - merge this to pull in all split kde-base/* packages
* The KDE Plasma Desktop 4.x
* KDE Software Compilation
=== Profile Configuration ===
<console>###i## sudo eselect profile add funtoo/1.0/linux-gnu/mix-ins/kde</console>
* X11 server, policykit, consolekit, udisks, etc.
===emerge ===
<console>###i## emerge kde-base/kde-meta</console>
<br />
* configuration
<br />
* Start KDE Plasma Desktop
<br />
###i##rc-service xdm start
==First Steps==
* Additional configuration
* 'Add-in' software

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Arm7va hardfpThis subarch supports the ARMv7-A architecture with hardware floating point. CPU support includes Cortex-A5 (with hardware FPU), Cortex-A7, A8, A9, A12, A15, A17, and Qualcomm Krait and other ARMv7-A CPUs.
Armv5teThis subarch supports the ARMv5 architecture with vector extensions, which is compatible with Pogoplug, SheevaPlug, TonidoPlug, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, CuBox, PandaBoard, and TrimSlice.
Armv6j hardfpThis subarch supports the ARM11 series processors, including compatible CPUs such as the Broadcom BCM2835 (Raspberry Pi).