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This is the 'Person' form.
To add a page with this form, enter the page name below;
if a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page.
== Your Funtoo Information ==
'''This form allows you to enter your personal information, so that you have an official presence in the Funtoo Universe.'''
{{{for template|Person}}}
=== Your Name, Email, etc. ===
'''Please enter your full name:'''
{{{field|Full name|required}}}
Email: {{{field|Email|required}}}
IRC Nick: {{{field|Nick}}}
=== Geographic Location ===
Please enter your geographic location. The following form can be used to look up the geographic coordinates for your city.
| Geoloc
| input type=googlemaps
| height=300
| width=100%
| autozoom=off
| zoom=2
=== Location Name ===
Now, please enter your location name, in ''City, State/Province, Country'' format. Please use full country names such as "United States of America."
'''Location name'''
{{{field|Location name|required|list}}}
=== Funtoo Roles ===
Below, you can define your role in the Funtoo Linux Universe. Are you a user, contributor or developer? You can also enter a role description as well as beginning and end dates, which are useful if your role has changed over time. A role with no end date specified indicates an active role.
'''Click "Add Role" to add a role: '''
{{{field|Roles|holds template}}}
=== Ebuilds Maintained ===
{{{field|Maintains|holds template}}}
=== Blogs ===
This feature, not yet enabled, will allow you to manage your blog syndication from your user page.
{{{field|Blogs|holds template}}}
{{{end template}}}
{{{for template|Role|multiple|add button text=Add Role|embed in field=Person[Roles]}}}
'''Role type:''' {{{field|Role type|mandatory|input type=dropdown}}}
'''Role desc/special powers:''' {{{field|Role desc|mandatory}}}
'''Start date:''' {{{field|Start date|input type=datepicker|date format=d M yy}}}
'''End date:''' {{{field|End date|input type=datepicker|date format=d M yy}}}
{{{end template}}}
{{{for template|Maintained_Ebuild|multiple|add button text=Add ebuild|embed in field=Person[Maintains]}}}
'''Ebuild:''' {{{field|Ebuild|property=Ebuild|values from namespace=Ebuild|mandatory}}}
'''Overlay:''' {{{field|Overlay|property=Overlay|mandatory|input type=dropdown|values from namespace=Overlay}}}
{{{end template}}}
{{{for template|Blog|multiple|add button text=Add blog|embed in field=Person[Blogs]}}}
'''Name:''' {{{field|Name|mandatory}}}
'''URL:''' {{{field|URL|mandatory}}}
'''Syndicate on:''' {{{field|Syndicate||list|input type=checkboxes|values from category=Blog Syndication}}}
{{{end template}}}
'''Your personal wiki text''' -- this is where you can enter free-form information about yourself, using MediaWiki syntax. You can also edit this via the "Edit" button after you save your page.
{{{standard input|free text|rows=20}}}
{{{standard input|summary}}}
{{{standard input|minor edit}}} {{{standard input|watch}}}
{{{standard input|save}}} {{{standard input|preview}}} {{{standard input|changes}}} {{{standard input|cancel}}}

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