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Your Staff

Funtoo Linux Core Team members are Funtoo Linux developers who are actively contributing to technical aspects of Funtoo Linux, and are available for resolving bugs and other QA issues. Please see Core Team Responsibilities for general policies, Funtoo Linux Vision for an understanding of strategic direction, and TODO for immediate things that need to get done.

Project Leadership

Benevolent Dictator for Life
Daniel Robbins is the Chief Architect of Funtoo Linux, and so-called "Benevolent Dictator for Life."
Core Team Lead
Oleg Vinichenko - angry_vincent is the senior member of the Funtoo Linux development team.


Staff members help keep the project running day-to-day, and may have significant development responsibilities:


Staff and Contributor Map

Where to Find Us

The Funtoo team can often be found in the channel on Freenode. The team also monitors the Funtoo Forum and mailing list.


Contributors are active Funtoo Linux developers who have made significant contributions to Funtoo Linux, as well as former Core Team members who are currently inactive. Some contributors have overlays that are automatically incorporated into the Funtoo Linux Portage Tree. Others work on projects in their own repositories and make periodic contributions to Funtoo Linux.

Former Contributors