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This page lists all ebuilds with pages on the Funtoo Linux wiki.

Wiki PageCatPkgRepositorySummary
389 Directory Servernet-nds/389-ds-baseThis is the core part of 389 Directory Server -- technically, all you need for an LDAP deployment, although many will want to install 389-ds-admin for the graphical management capabilities, too.
389 Directory Server Admin Servernet-nds/389-adminThe 389 Directory Server Admin Server is an Apache-based application server that can optionally be deployed alongside 389 Directory Server. It allows for remote Java-based management of your 389 Directory Server deployment.
389 Directory Server AdminUtildev-libs/389-adminutilAdminUtil is a set of utility functions written in C, and a dependency of 389 Directory Server.
389 Directory Server Consoleapp-admin/389-ds-consoleThis is the Java-based remote management console that is used for managing 389 Directory Server (administration as well as the server app itself.)
ACPI Daemonsys-power/acpidDaemon for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
AMD Catalyst Video Driversx11-drivers/ati-driversAccelerated ATI/AMD binary drivers for Radeon HD 5000 and newer chipsets.
APC UPS Daemonsys-power/apcupsdAPC UPS daemon with integrated network-based remote shutdown
Awesome (Window Manager)x11-w/awesomeA dynamic floating and tiling window manager.
BSF Bean Scripting Frameworkdev-java/bsfA framework that allows many scripting languages to be plugged into a Java application.
Bashapp-shells/bashThe standard GNU Bourne-again shell.
Batikdev-java/batikJava-based SVG toolkit.
Boodev-lang/booA wrist-friendly language for the CLI.
Boot-Updatesys-boot/boot-updateFuntoo Core Boot Framework for global boot loader configuration
CA Certificatesapp-misc/ca-certificatesThis package contains SSL certificates in PEM format that are used to validate the authenticity of remote systems, using the certificate authority system.
CCachedev-util/ccacheCCACHE is an application that caches compilation results and reuses it in future compilations in order to achieve faster compile times.
Chromiumwww-client/chromiumChromium is the Open Source Web browser that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome.
Cx Oracledev-python/cx-oraclePython interface to Oracle.
DeaDBeeFmedia-sound/deadbeefA foobar2000-like music player
Dictd Moby Thesaurusapp-dicts/dictd-moby-thesaurusThis package contains the Moby Thesaurus, produced as part of the Moby Project. It is designed to work with dictd dictionary server.
Eclipsedev-util/eclipse-sdk-binA powerful integrated development environment (IDE) written in Java.
Eixapp-portage/eixA command to search and query ebuilds, portage including local settings, overlays, version changes, and more.
Eselectapp-admin/eselectThis is Gentoo's multi-purpose management and configuration tool. The Funtoo version has been enhanced to support Funtoo's enhanced profile system.
Eselect (Java)app-admin/eselect-javaEselect (Java) is a Java module for eselect that is used to set the system JRE/JVM on Funtoo Linux systems.
Eselect (Jython)app-admin/eselect-jythonAn eselect module to manage the active system Jython implementation.
Eselect (OpenGL)app-admin/eselect-openglA Gentoo/Funtoo utility that allows the active OpenGL implementation on a system to be switched between a variety of installed options.
Eselect (Ruby)app-admin/eselect-rubyThis eselect module manages the active system implmentation of Ruby.
Eselect (Sh)app-admin/eselect-shThis eselect module manages the /bin/sh (POSIX shell) symlink.
FreeMarkerdev-java/freemarkerFreeMarker is a template engine; a generic tool to generate text output based on templates.
Genlopapp-portage/genlopA nice emerge.log parser.
Gentoo Syntax (Vim)app-vim/gentoo-syntaxA vim plugin that provides Funtoo ebuild, eclass, GLEP, ChangeLog and Portage file syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings.
Gexiv2media-libs/gexiv2GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library.
Git Subtreedev-vcs/git-subtreeAn experimental alternative to the git-submodule command. Merges and splits subtrees from your project into subprojects and back.
Guiledev-scheme/guileGNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions.
Gzipapp-arch/gzipGzip is the standard GNU compressor/decompressor, used to create and expand .gz archives.
IBus Pinyinapp-i18n/ibus-pinyinChinese PinYin IMEngine for IBus Framework
IBus Tableapp-i18n/ibus-tableThe Table Engine for IBus Framework
JACK Audio Connection Kitmedia-sound/jack-audio-connection-kitA sophisticated audio routing and mixing application.
JSS (Network Security Services for Java)dev-java/jssNetwork Security Services for Java (JSS) is a Java interface to NSS.
Java SE Development Kit (JDK)dev-java/oracle-jdk-binOracle's Java SE Development Kit -- Java runtime, compiler, etc.
Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)dev-java/oracle-jre-binOracle's Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) - For running Java applications.
Jythondev-java/jythonAn implementation of Python written in Java.
LXCapp-emulation/lxcThe LXC package implements command-line, user-space utilities that allow you to use the Linux kernel's linux container functionality.
Lib usersapp-admin/lib_usersChecks /proc for libraries being mapped but marked as deleted
Libdc1394media-libs/libdc1394Library to interface with IEEE 1394 cameras following the IIDC specification.
Libgcryptdev-libs/libgcryptLibgcrypt is a general-purpose cryptographic library.
Libgcrypt (Compatibility Libraries)dev-libs/libgcrypt-compatLibgcrypt is a general purpose cryptographic library. This version of Libgcrypt is is designed to sit alongside an existing libgcrypt install, and just provide compatibility libs for apps that require an older libgcrypt.
Libgpg-Errordev-libs/libgpg-errorContains error handling functions used by GnuPG software.
Libmediascanmedia-libs/libmediascanC library for scanning audio/video/image file metadata.
Lilosys-boot/liloStandard Linux boot loader
Luasecdev-lua/luasecLua binding for OpenSSL library to provide TLS/SSL communication.
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