How to Dev

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How to 'dev'

This page serves as the official introduction on how to collaborate with our community and help to improve Funtoo Linux.


Thanks for your interest in helping out with Funtoo Linux! Funtoo Linux has existed for several years, and we've been using git since the beginning of the project, but have played with various approaches on how to develop Funtoo Linux in a collaborative fashion. Some approaches have worked, some haven't, and I (Daniel) and others like to periodically experiment with different approaches, so these methods are likely to change in the future.

Let's start by doing a quick overview of Funtoo infrastructure and how it (currently) relates to Funtoo Linux development.

Currently, serves as the center of operations for all development. If you're going to collaborate with us, then you should definitely Create a Funtoo account and familiarize yourself with our bug tracker. We try to ensure that all work in Funtoo Linux has a corresponding issue opened on the bug tracker, so there is some reference for someone to look to find out why some change was made.

The Wiki

You are currently reading the wiki, and it is becoming a more and more important part of development. We currently have the ability to define wiki pages for Ebuilds, which are used as official documentation for the ebuild. Documentation is a very important part of Funtoo Linux development, and you're strongly encouraged to read about adding an ebuild