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Source Repository:Repository:Gentoo Portage Tree

Summary: GIT - the stupid content tracker, the revision control system heavily used by the Linux kernel team

Use Flags

Use the new optimized SHA1 implementation
Install gitweb too
Support fetching and pushing (requires webdav too) over http:// and https:// protocols
Pull in gnupg for signing -- without gnupg, attempts at signing will fail at runtime!
Include the gitview contrib tool
GitWeb support for app-text/highlight
Support pulling and pushing from MediaWiki
Make use of a bundled routine that is optimized for the PPC arch
Include git-svn for dev-vcs/subversion support
Include the 'gitk' and 'git gui' tools
Adds support for push'ing to HTTP/HTTPS repositories via DAV



IP Space Migration Continues

All Funtoo user containers in the 8.28 IP space will be moving into our new IP space (172.97) over the next few days. If you have DNS set up -- be sure to watch your container and update to the new IP! DNS will be updated after the move.
2015-08-27 by Drobbins

Funtoo Hosting IP Move

Funtoo user containers with IPs in the 72.18.x.x range will be gradually migrating to new IP addresses this week. If you have DNS entries for your containers, please be aware that your DNS will need to be updated.
2015-08-11 by Drobbins

New ARM Stages

New ARM Stages, built with a new toolchain, are now hitting mirrors. Existing ARM users should re-install using these stages (dated Aug 3, 2015 or later,) rather than upgrade using emerge.
2015-08-06 by Drobbins



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Git is a revision control system used extensively under funtoo linux, and It is a distributed revision control system with a work flow that breaks away from the traditional client ----> server model to the git <--> git model. revision control means that the program operates like a progress save state in a game. you can save at the start of the game, mid way through, and at the final stage. if you desire to do sub quests you can load up the mid save point and then explore other areas of your code. git is suitable for just about everything regarding text. git is a bad choice for frequently changing binary files.