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|Full name=Daniel Molik
|Geoloc=42.8864468, -78.8783689
|Location name=Buffalo, NY
|Role type=User
|Role desc=Monitoring Engineer, Perl, C, data pipelines
|Start date=2010/11/01
== Biography ==
{{{biography|Not disclosed}}}
== History using Linux ==
{{{history_linux|I started using linux in 2005 when a buddy of mine thought it would be a good idea to put Gentoo on a P4 desktop.}}}
== History on Funtoo ==
{{{history_funtoo|I've been dicking around since 2010}}}
== Collaboration on Open Source projects ==
{{{oss_information|[http://github.com/GrayTShirt Github Account]}}}
[https://github.com/GrayTShirt/phoenix-overlay my ebuild repository]
== About real life ==
{{{real_life|I'm a Montoring Tools Engineer at [http://www.synacor.com Synacor]}}}
== Parts working on at the moment ==
{{{working_on|Nothing yet}}}
== Parts worked on ==
{{{worked_on|Nothing yet}}}

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