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|Summary=Music production and performance system
|Maintainer=Daniel Stien
== Introduction ==
<tt>media-sound/bitwig-studio</tt> is a closed source audio production and performance software; which includes several virtual instruments, samples, clips and the means to use them in scenes and tracks.
It is possible to use it with <tt>media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit</tt> and it is recommended by their staff.
== Preparing to install ==
We need to use the <tt>dstien-portage</tt> overlay; which is  not official. It is recommended to use <tt>app-portage/layman</tt> to install it.
=== Installing Layman ===
Please, follow these instructions: ''pending''
=== Adding the overlay ===
To add the overlay, just copy the <tt>dstien-portage.xml</tt> file into <tt>/etc/layman/overlays</tt> and we're done.
cd /etc/layman/overlays
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dstien/dstien-portage/master/dstien-portage.xml
Then, just sync all the overlays:
layman -S
Now, we're ready to continue the installation.
== Installation ==
One thing to keep in mind before installing is if you want to use <tt>media-video/libav</tt> or <tt>media-video/ffmpeg</tt> for the audio rendering. Since <tt>media-sound/bitwig-studio</tt> is packaged, originally, for Ubuntu and the ebuild re-packages it for Funtoo, we assume they prefer <tt>media-video/libav</tt>. That said, <tt>media-video/ffmpeg</tt> the prefered application by our community. Feel free to use whichever you prefer.
If you are to use <tt>media-video/ffmpeg</tt>, please, remove libav from the USE flag of that package:
echo 'media-sound/bitwig-studio -libav' > /etc/portage/package.use/bitwig-studio
Installing <tt>media-sound/bitwig-studio</tt> is as easy as:
emerge bitwig-studio

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