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This category contains all types of repositories, including full Portage trees, development trees, and overlays.
|Repository Type=Complete Portage Tree
|Organization=Gentoo Foundation
|Source URI=http://sources.gentoo.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/gentoo-x86/
The Gentoo Portage tree is the official production Portage tree of Funtoo Linux, used by all architectures as well as by both Gentoo "stable" and "unstable" branches of each architecture. The Gentoo Portage Tree is also used as the source tree for the Unified Funtoo Linux tree, and contains the vast majority of ebuilds that are part of Funtoo Linux.

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Repository Type:Complete Portage Tree
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Organization:Gentoo Foundation
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Gentoo Portage Tree

The Gentoo Portage tree is the official production Portage tree of Funtoo Linux, used by all architectures as well as by both Gentoo "stable" and "unstable" branches of each architecture. The Gentoo Portage Tree is also used as the source tree for the Unified Funtoo Linux tree, and contains the vast majority of ebuilds that are part of Funtoo Linux.

Packages in this Repository

APC UPS Daemonsys-power/apcupsdAPC UPS daemon with integrated network-based remote shutdown
Apachewww-servers/apacheThe Apache Web Server
Apache-toolsapp-admin/apache-toolsUseful Apache tools - htdigest, htpasswd, ab, htdbm
Ardourmedia-sound/ardourArdour is a fully featured audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing digital audio workstation.
Audacious Music Playermedia-sound/audaciousAudacious is a lightweight GTK-based music player which supports many formats. It does not use the library concept but rather playlists for managing your music.
Awesome (Window Manager)x11-wm/awesomeA dynamic floating and tiling window manager.
Bash completionapp-shells/bash-completionBash tab-completion
Bitwig Studiomedia-sound/bitwig-studioMusic production and performance system
CA Certificatesapp-misc/ca-certificatesThis package contains SSL certificates in PEM format that are used to validate the authenticity of remote systems, using the certificate authority system.
CCachedev-util/ccacheCCACHE is an application that caches compilation results and reuses it in future compilations in order to achieve faster compile times.
Chromiumwww-client/chromiumChromium is the Open Source Web browser that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome.
Comptonx11-miscA compositor for X.
Dashapp-shells/dashDASH is a direct descendant of the NetBSD version of ash (the Almquist SHell) and is POSIX compliant
Dbussys-apps/dbusA message bus ystem, a simple way for applications to talk to each other
Dirvish Backupapp-backup/dirvishSimple text-based configuration backup program composed of perl wrappers and using ssh and rsync
Drupalwww-apps/drupalPHP-based open-source platform and content management system
Emacsapp-editors/emacsThe extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor
Eselect (OpenGL)app-admin/eselect-openglA Gentoo/Funtoo utility that allows the active OpenGL implementation on a system to be switched between a variety of installed options.
Eselect (Sh)app-admin/eselect-shThis eselect module manages the /bin/sh (POSIX shell) symlink.
Fehmedia-gfx/fehA fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2
Genlopapp-portage/genlopA nice emerge.log parser.
Gentoo Syntax (Vim)app-vim/gentoo-syntaxA vim plugin that provides Funtoo ebuild, eclass, GLEP, ChangeLog and Portage file syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings.
Gitdev-vcs/gitGIT - the stupid content tracker, the revision control system heavily used by the Linux kernel team
Gnupgapp-crypt/gnupgThe GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL pgp replacement
Hydrogenmedia-sound/hydrogenA high quality drum synthesizer and sequencer.
I3 (Window Manager)x11-wm/i3An improved dynamic tiling window manager
Iptablesnet-firewall/iptablesLinux kernel (2.4+) firewall, NAT and packet mangling tools
Irssinet-irc/irssiA modular textUI IRC client with IPv6 support.
JACK Audio Connection Kitmedia-sound/jack-audio-connection-kitA sophisticated audio routing and mixing application.
Lib usersapp-admin/lib_usersChecks /proc for libraries being mapped but marked as deleted
Libdc1394media-libs/libdc1394Library to interface with IEEE 1394 cameras following the IIDC specification.
Libgpg-Errordev-libs/libgpg-errorContains error handling functions used by GnuPG software.
Lightdmx11-misc/lightdmA lightweight display manager
Lighttpdwww-servers/lighttpdlighttpd a secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server which has been optimized for high-performance environments. It has a very low memory footprint compared to other webservers and takes care of cpu-load. Its advanced feature-set (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and many more) make lighttpd the perfect webserver-software for every server that is suffering load problems.
Lilosys-boot/liloStandard Linux boot loader
Linuxsamplermedia-sound/linuxsamplerLinuxSampler is a software audio sampler engine with professional grade features.
Lmmsmedia-sound/lmmsLMMS is a cross-platform software for music production.
Luadev-lang/luaA powerful light-weight programming language designed for extending applications
Mantisbtwww-apps/mantisbtPHP/MySQL/Web based bugtracking system
Media-player-infoapp-misc/media-player-infomedia-player-info is a repository of data files describing media player capabilities, mostly of mass-storage devices. These files contain information about the directory layout to use to add music to these devices, the supported file formats and so on.
Mesa 3D Graphics Librarymedia-libs/mesaAn Open Source implementation of the OpenGL specification
Monitapp-admin/monita utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs running on a Unix system.
Monodev-lang/monoMono runtime and class libraries, a C# compiler/interpreter
Moshnet-misc/moshMobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo
Mpdmedia-sound/mpdThe Music Player Daemon (mpd)
Muttmail-client/muttMutt is a popular mail reader for Linux systems.
NVIDIA Linux Display Driversx11-drivers/nvidia-driversNVIDIA accelerated graphics driver
Ncmpcppmedia-sound/ncmpcppFeatureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc
Nouveau Video Drivers (Open Source)x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveauThe Nouveau video drivers are Open Source drivers providing 2D and 3D accelerated graphics for nVidia cards. Nouveau consists of the X.Org DDX driver (x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveau), Linux kernel KMS driver (nouveau), and Gallium3D drivers in Mesa (media-libs/mesa).
PHPdev-lang/phpThe PHP language runtime engine: CLI, CGI, FPM/FastCGI, Apache2 and embed SAPIs
Passapp-admin/passPass is a password manager following the Unix philosophy.
Perldev-lang/perlLarry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language.
Pianobarmedia-sound/pianobarPianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio Pandora.
Piwikwww-apps/piwikPiwik is a downloadable, open source (GPL licensed) real time web analytics software program.
Proftpdnet-ftp/proftpdAn advanced and very configurable FTP server.
Qjackctlmedia-sound/qjackctlA Qt application to control the JACK Audio Connection Kit and ALSA sequencer connections.
Qsamplermedia-sound/qsamplerQSampler is a graphical frontend to the LinuxSampler engine.
Qsynthmedia-sound/qsynthA Qt application to control FluidSynth
Qtcoredev-qt/qtcoreCross-platform application development framework
Qtractormedia-sound/qtractorAn Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer
Quodlibetmedia-sound/quodlibetAn audio library tagger, manager, and player for GTK+
Radeon Video Driversx11-drivers/xf86-video-atiOpen source drivers for AMD video cards.
Slimx11-misc/slimSimple Login Manager
Spectrwmx11-wm/spectrwmA small, dynamic tiling window manager for X11.
Sshfs-fusesys-fs/sshfs-fuseFuse-filesystem utilizing the sftp service
Sshguardapp-admin/sshguardprotects hosts from brute force attacks against ssh
Tenginewww-servers/tengineRobust, small and high performance http and reverse proxy server
Tmuxapp-misc/tmuxTerminal multiplexer
Urxvtrxvt clone with xft and unicode support
Valgrinddev-util/valgrindAn Open Source memory debugger for GNU/Linux.
Vanilla Sourcessys-kernel/vanilla-sourcesThe vanilla sources are the pure, unadulterated kernel sources as release by Linus Torvalds himself. No additional patches are applied.
Varnishwww-servers/varnishVarnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator
Vifmapp-misc/vifmConsole file manager with vi(m)-like keybindings
Vimapp-editors/vimVim is an improved, vi-style text editor with many features.
VirtualBoxapp-emulation/virtualboxA desktop virtualization package from Oracle Corporation that allows you to run a guest operating system (Linux, Windows or other) on your Linux system.
Virtualjaguargames-emulation/virtualjaguarA cross-platform Atari Jaguar emulator.
Vlockapp-misc/vlockA console screen locker
Vsftpdnet-ftp/vsftpdVery Secure FTP Daemon written with speed, size and security in mind.
WPA Supplicantnet-wireless/wpa_supplicantwpa_supplicant is a cross-platform supplicant with support for open, WEP, WPA and WPA2. It handles scanning, connection and automatic reconnect to access points. wpa_supplicant has wpa_cli and wpa_gui frontends and wpa_supplicant daemon.
Warsowgames-fps/warsowWarsow is completely free fast-paced first-person shooter. It's based upon Qfusion, an advanced modification of Quake II engine.
Weechatnet-irc/weechatPortable and multi-interface IRC client
Whiskermenuxfce-extra/xfce4-whiskermenu-pluginThis package installs the Whiskermenu plugin for xfce4, which serves as an alternative to the default application menu.
Wordpresswww-apps/wordpressWordpress php and mysql based content management system (CMS)
XDM (Display Manager)x11-apps/xdmX.Org xdm application
ZynAddSubFXmedia-sound/zynaddsubfxZynAddSubFX is an open source software synthesizer. It includes three hybrid synth engines that combine additive, subtractive, fourier and other synthesis methods, and is available as a standalone, LV2 and DSSI plugin.