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WIM42GNU's Funtoo Setup

This is for everybody who might have seen my funtoo setup and liked it! This is also for myself to keep track on my system. I have used most of the Linux distributions out there and I am currently most happy with funtoo. My reasons are:

  1. Gentoo/Funtoo is a rolling release distribution, meaning you only have to install it once and update it frequently.
  2. Gentoo/Funtoo is only what you make out of it, no unnesecary rubish like in Ubuntu, OpenSuse or Fedora will be installed by default. In the mean time being aware that Gentoo/Funtoo is for advanced users not careing that much about GUIs for Settings or Configs.
  3. Gentoo/Funtoo runs fast due to multiple reasons. (Compiling your own software,USE-Flags,...)
  4. Philosophy, one would think that Slackware would suite me most (KISS,Unix) but the fact is that these distributions require you more energy and time to work with. I want to get my jobs done, not careing to much about the system. It is okay to have tools that do things for you as long they are designed well - like in funtoo.
1. Install Funtoo

Follow the install instructions and setup a minimal system.

2. Install your WindowManager or DesktopEnviroment

My favourite Window Manager at the time is i3 followed by xfce and openbox.






lxappeareance - for setting up the symbol theme and the gtk theme

Do not forget the Keymap at /etc/X11/xorg.conf otherwise you need to use setxkbmap