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Your Funtoo Information

This form allows you to enter your personal information, so that you have an official presence in the Funtoo Universe.

Your Name, Email, etc.

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Geographic Location

Please enter your geographic location. The following form can be used to look up the geographic coordinates for your city.

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Now, please enter your location name, in City, State/Province, Country format. Please use full country names such as "United States of America."

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Funtoo Roles

Below, you can define your role in the Funtoo Linux Universe. Are you a user, contributor or developer? You can also enter a role description as well as beginning and end dates, which are useful if your role has changed over time. A role with no end date specified indicates an active role.

Click "Add Role" to add a role:


This feature, not yet enabled, will allow you to manage your blog syndication from your user page.

Your personal wiki text -- this is where you can enter free-form information about yourself, using MediaWiki syntax. You can also edit this via the "Edit" button after you save your page.