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About 404_Error

Real name
Adrien Dessemond
Birth date


Mostly classified, part of publicly available information : boardgames (euro/wargames) amateur, RPG player in a previous life.

History using Linux

Started with Slackware in 1996 (Infomagick box lost :-(), travelled though the Linux Galaxy through lots of planets before landing Gentoo/Funtoo in 2008. Ex-member of Funtoo-Quebec (divorced in Feb 2011). Used NetBSD and FreeBSD a bit.

History on Funtoo

I am the maintainer of Funtoo SPARC (large horizon :-)), several contributions on Metro also.

Collaboration on Open Source projects

Many wiki articles, active member of the Quebec City's LUG (LinuQ).

About real life

$ reallife --get-information
segmentation fault (core dumped)