Core Team Responsibilities

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There are responsibilities associated with being an active Funtoo Linux Core Team member. These responsibilities are detailed below.

The Vision

All Core Team members are expected to agree with and support the Funtoo Linux Vision, and to actively participate in pursuing this vision every week.


  • Reliable automated builds are a priority of the Funtoo Linux project.

Active Funtoo Linux Core Team members must use Metro to regularly build Funtoo Linux stages. Every Core Team member must perform a full stage1/2/3 build at least once a week. This may be automated via cron job. Core Team members must be aware of any build failures that occur and communicate them to the rest of the team, and take steps to ensure they are resolved.

Install Testing

  • A trouble-free installation experience is a priority of the Funtoo Linux project.
  • The initial end-user experience is important.

Active Funtoo Linux Core Team members must perform a fresh install of Funtoo Linux from current stage3 at least once per calendar month. This install may be in a virtual machine, or to replace an existing install. During this install process, any bugs or anomalies must be documented on the Usability Testing page, reported to the rest of the team, and steps should be taken by the developer to address any problems found.

The Core Team Lead may assign "install weeks" to particular developers to ensure that Funtoo Linux installation is tested as frequently as possible.

Team Size

Currently, the Core Team is defined to be five people in size.


  • Excellent user support and timely resolution of problems is a priority of the Funtoo Linux project.
  • Core Team members are there to keep Funtoo Linux working well for its users.

A Funtoo Core Team member maintains "active" status by being available for consecutive week-long periods to perform active development, fix bugs and participate in the #funtoo development channel, forums or funtoo-dev mailing list. A developer does not need to be available on a particular day, but must be available and active for at least 4 days per week, and should be able to perform at least 1 hour of active, focused development per day.

If you do not think that you can commit to this level of involvement, you should become a Funtoo Linux Contributor instead. Core Team members bear the primary responsibility for being available to resolve QA issues in a timely manner and move various key distribution initiatives forward, so our contribution and availability requirements for Core Team members are quite stringent.


Week-long absences are permitted as long as they are announced in advance to so that adequate Core Team coverage for any particular week can be assured. Any absence longer than a week (7 days) in duration should be announced in advance as well, but will result in the developer moving from the role of active Core Team member to a Contributor position in their absence.


Core Team members that are unavailable and move to a Contributor role due to their absence may be reinstated as members of the Core Team when they are available to return to active duty, at the discretion of the Development Lead. However, there will be a limited number of "seats" available on the Core Team, and empty positions may be filled.

The Core Team Lead may decide to expand the size of the Core Team, but this is not a requirement.

This policy exists to provide an incentive for Core Team members to remain continually active on the project. This policy is also designed to accommodate certain realities of Free Software projects: often, we have a contributor who is active for several months and makes many valuable contributions to Funtoo Linux, but then they become inactive.

If we keep this person as a Core Team member indefinitely, it has the potential of negatively impacting the quality of Funtoo Linux and preventing others who are available from actively contributing to Funtoo Linux. This policy helps Funtoo Linux adapt to the realities of volunteer contribution.


These policies define the standard policies that apply to all Core Team members. However, those who have a consistent track record of contribution to the Core Team and have made a significant investment in the quality and capabilities of Funtoo Linux may be afforded exceptions to some of these policies.

For example, long-term Core Team members may be able to take more extended periods of absence and still retain their original position when they return. The intention of these seniority exceptions is to provide some benefit and security to those who have made a significant contribution to the project, and also provide a goal for newer Core Team members to aspire to. We want to reward those who have been there for us.