Kernel Seeds

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This page is intended to house the new Kernel Seeds page.

Here's what Duncan and I think is a good idea:

  • redirects to this page.
  • This page has some nice, special graphics on it to differentiate it from the other Funtoo Wiki pages.
  • This page begins with a short, wiki-syle history of Kernel Seeds, giving credit to Pappy and talking about its role in the Gentoo community.
  • Following this, a short introduction to the concepts behind kernel seeds will be written from scratch.
  • Existing content will be converted and edited and stored as subpages (ie. Kernel_Seeds/Working_With_Kernel_Seeds)
  • The latest .config files (3.9.9 era) will be moved to a git repository to allow community maintenance. The older versions will be archived.

This will allow the pages to be maintained by interested users, and allow good integration with the rest of the Funtoo wiki, while maintaining its distinctiveness with its own look.