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Welcome to Kernel Seeds wiki page, the home of pre-made kernel seeds to help you get your Linux system up and running.

Gentoo History of Kernel Seeds

Kernel Seeds Project was originally launched by Robert Raitz (AKA pappy_mcfae). You can follow the history of this project from its beginning up to December 20th 2013 in consulting following threads on Gentoo forum :

Online Resume for Robert Raitz II

As a tribute to creator of Kernel Seeds, Robert Raitz, here is a link to his online resume.

From Gentoo to Funtoo

On December 20th 2013 Robert Raitz (AKA pappy_mcfae) the creator of Kernel Seeds announced he was giving project up. At the same time he was looking for someone interested in taking over the charge. On following days, Daniel Robbins, chief leader of Funtoo Project, made arrangement with Robert Raitz and Anthony Pelaez paid for rights of acquiring Kernel Seeds Project from Robert Raitz. On February 19th 2014, Kernel Seeds web site was transfered to Funtoo. Project is now under the charge of Funtoo.

How to Get Kernel Seeds

X86 (32 bit)

X86_64 (64 bit)

How to Work With a Kernel Seed

Kernel Seeds Settings