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|Summary=Command-line interface to various pastebins
=== Installation ===
{{console|body=###i## emerge app-text/wgetpaste}}
=== Configuration ===
=== Usage ===
Wgetpaste allows output to be streamed to the pastebin service of your choice.
{{console|body=###i## cat /tmp/emergeinfo.txt | wgetpaste}}

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Summary: Command-line interface to various pastebins

Use Flags

Set one of lodgeit-like (ex http://paste.pocoo.org) services as default



New OpenGL management in Funtoo

Funtoo is switching to an improved system for managing multiple OpenGL providers (Mesa/Xorg, AMD and nVidia). The update may involve blockers and file collisions.
30 March 2015 by Mgorny

Subarch Profiles are coming...

Subarch profiles are on their way! Learn more here.
29 March 2015 by Drobbins

RSS/Atom Support

You can now follow this news feed at http://www.funtoo.org/news/atom.xml .
10 February 2015 by Drobbins
View More News...



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# emerge app-text/wgetpaste



Wgetpaste allows output to be streamed to the pastebin service of your choice.

# cat /tmp/emergeinfo.txt

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