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Featured Video

In this video, Jonathan Vasquez (fearedbliss) walks you through the process of installing Funtoo Linux with ZFS. See the ZFS Install Guide for detailed instructions.

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See our full-size Usermap and find out how to become part of the Funtoo Universe!

What is Funtoo Linux?

Funtoo Linux is a Linux-based operating system created by Daniel Robbins, the creator and former Chief Architect of Gentoo Linux. Funtoo Linux is a Free software, or "Open Source" operating system. All distribution source code is freely available, and it can be used and distributed free of charge.

Who develops and improves Funtoo Linux? You do. We are a completely open meta-distribution that is run by our users and a small group of support staff. Our development centers around the needs of our users. Any user can contribute code and help improve Funtoo Linux functionality on our bug tracker.

What's New?



Feb 12, 2014: Clean GNOME 3.6 merges from funtoo-gnome-overlay hit Portage tree, GNOME 3.10 on horizon -- Learn more here...


How to Get Involved

  • wiki: Help us maintain content on this wiki. Add yourself to the Funtoo Usermap.
  • bugs: Our bug tracker is used to track all ongoing development work in Funtoo Linux. If you find a bug in Funtoo Linux, report it here. Also used for enhancement requests.
  • IRC: Join us in the #funtoo IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.
  • mailing list: The funtoo-dev mailing list is used for development discussion.
  • forums: Funtoo Forums are available for forum-style Funtoo discussion.
  • blogs: LarryTheCow.org is a blog aggregation service for Gentoo ecosystem developers and users.
  • rss/atom: Funtoo RSS and Atom Feeds displays the latest posts on the Forums and Planet Larry.