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This document will describe all required steps to install Funtoo to an external USB hard disk as a portable operating system. It assumes you have the experience of a manual Funtoo install.

Instalation Overview

Montar disco Crear particiones:

    1 FAT32 Label=Share
    2 EXT4 Label=USBFuntoo

mkdir /mnt/Funtoo Mount USBFuntoo /mnt/Funtoo cd /mnt/Funtoo wget stage3 x86-32bit generic extraer chroot Crear SWAP Downloading the portage tree Configuring the system

/etc/fstab: LABEL=USBFuntoo / ext4 noatime 0 1 /mnt/SWAP none swap sw 0 0

emerge gentoo-sources usar genkernel --disklabel --menuconfig --all instalar grub: real_root=LABEL=USBFuntoo